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“Babies – they are just babies,” a veteran Al Jazeera man roared last weekend about the Gulf states.

“They are childish, they are infantile, they are tribal.” And I could understand his anger.

Investments by Qatar’s state-owned companies in Britain are the largest in western Europe: Shell, Barclays, the Shard, Harrods, Canary Wharf and 30 per cent shares in the London Stock Exchange will surely guarantee a lowering of the UK flag to half-mast when Hamad and Tamim die Oh to be an Emir! Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani runs a county-sized country with 3bn (£147bn) of investments in Britain, China, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Malaysia, Spain, Turkey and the US.

It’s going to host the Fifa World Cup in 2022 at a cost of 0bn – but no worries, because Tamim’s little emirate is the largest natural gas producer and exporter in the world, hosts the biggest US airbase outside America itself, runs Al Jazeera television (the Qatari equivalent of the British Empire upon which the sun never set) and only 10 per cent of the population are actually Qataris. The other 90 per cent are no-vote expatriates, from street sweepers to nuclear physicists, and then there’s Sheikha Moza bint al-Missned, mother of Tamim, second (and favourite) wife of his father Hamad whose abrasive, shocking, tough, independent – some might say dangerous – foreign policy produced enemies in high places (George W Bush) and friends in low places (the Taliban, Hamas, al-Nusrah, you name it).

So the beacons of press freedom in the Gulf burn not as brightly as we might wish.

Al Jazeera’s Arabic channel – and its “Live” affiliate, which so openly supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt – were so harsh in their condemnation of Field Marshal President Abdul-Fattah al-Sissi of Egypt that they gave up any shred of impartiality.

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Lebanese economist, journalist and bank vice chairman Marwan Iskandar, who was a financial adviser to Hamad’s father Sheikh Khalifa – overthrown in a “white coup” in 1995 while Khalifa was counting his cash in Switzerland – is now preparing a book on the whole fandango.

He suggests that Sunni Muslim Qatar, like other fantasy emirates in the Gulf, has more problems than it might like to admit, but might just survive better than its neighbours.