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Dating someone with down syndrome

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Take the time to help people express themselves, encourage them to talk about love, sexuality and intimacy as and when they want to.

Some people may find this more difficult than others.

Their parents would drive them to movies and one another’s houses. Each time he rented a tux, and she picked out a fancy new dress.

They wrapped their arms around each other to pose for photos and danced all night long.

Actually, medicine and science have come a long way. I hate hearing people telling me what they think he will and won't be able to do in the future when he isn't even a year old yet! I find the Down syndrome stereotype ridiculous, that DS people are kind, loving, and gentle.

Oh, and her teachers have called her manipulative from a very early age.

I hate being told my daughter can grow up to be a Wal-Mart greeter.

According to the National Institutes of Health, "Although many children have physical and mental limitations, they can live independent and productive lives well into adulthood." 6.

" asks Jennifer Lister, mom of little Riley, who refers to her daughter's condition as "Up syndrome." "For not being blessed themselves with a child who has UP syndrome? In addition, learning disability nurses may be able to help the person to understand issues around sexual health and relationships.Advocacy is also an option to help people make decisions about their relationships and can be accessed through social care. Babies with Down syndrome are born with 47 chromosomes instead of 46, and the severity of their symptoms varies. Try being the parent of a child with Down syndrome. This is also believed to be a factor when a chromosome test is wrong - that the (ab)normal cells were evenly divided between the baby and the placenta.