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Examples include: In a future tutorial, we will focus on customizing the Word Press backend (with clients especially in mind) to manage a media site and in another tutorial we will use the foundation laid to build a dynamic filtering interface that allows visitors to quickly sort their way through hundreds or even thousands of custom posts.

In April, 2011 we (Sabramedia, of which I am a co-founder) worked with an organization in Southern California to develop a resource center on Word Press to showcase their paid and free media products.

However, solely using Pages for content-heavy (e.g. Take a look at why using categories for a site’s structure is a bad idea.

articles, tutorials, haikus, etc.) websites is not ideal as you lose many of the benefits of Posts (tags, categories, excerpts, etc.) for the content on your site. Cornerstone is a plugin for Word Press that combines the best of both worlds by letting you use Pages to create the site’s structure (sections, sub-sections, etc.), and use Posts to fill those sections with content. You can create as complex of a structure as you desire with any number of sections and sub-sections.

Word Press is the best web publishing platform out there, but using it for sites that go beyond blogging has historically required hacks and workarounds.

If you’ve ever wanted to organize your posts into different sections, this tutorial shows how quick and simple it can be with Cornerstone.

By doing so I effectively “prune the decision tree” and focus on the plugins worth a closer look.

As we focus on building a media centric site, I also want you to see that the principles taught in this series offer you a set of tools and experience to build interfaces for and organize many different types of content.Using a method instead of hard coding this value throughout the plugin allows the ID to be defined once instead of multiple times, decreasing the likelihood of typos and other issues.Changing the post type’s ID now incredibly simple as it only needs to be changed in one location to update the entire plugin.Word Press is great for blogging— displaying sequential pages of chronologically-ordered posts. But what if you want to build a site with sections as well— a site with structure?Sure, you could simply use Pages in Word Press for all of the site’s content, and in fact this works quite well for small sites.One of the most common workarounds is to use categories to create the illusion of a structure for your site. Regardless of the site of your site, Cornerstone makes managing your sections and content very easy. If you need a refresher, read Word Press’ documentation on using Pages.