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Consolidating private student loans blog

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Keep in mind this hit on credit can impact your eligibility for loans, increase your mortgage rates, and even impact your future employment opportunities.

Should you fail to pay on your defaulted loans, you may have your tax refund applied to your student loan payment.

Get started by checking your rates online in just two minutes.

No origination fees in most states, no prepayment penalties.

Each of those loans is a separate account, so it is standard practice for students to have multiple loans reported in their history.

It is a little confusing because after you graduate, you probably will write one check to the lender each month to pay for the entire amount you borrowed.

The government can only take 15% of your disposable income.

Here are answers to some of the most common issues surrounding student loans and how they in it stays with the borrower or cosigner no matter what.But what about when you simply can’t make payments on your loan?Beyond a late payment fee, continuing to let your student loan bills stack up will eventually lead to larger repercussions. Borrowers can default on a loan for any number of reasons.Some borrowers default because they’re financially unable to make payments.The student loan market is massive and keeps on getting bigger every year.