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In computing, a service pack or SP or a feature pack (FP) comprises a collection of updates, fixes, or enhancements to a software program delivered in the form of a single installable package.

Companies often release a service pack when the number of individual patches to a given program reaches a certain (arbitrary) limit, or the software release has shown to be stabilized with a limited number of remaining issues based on users' feedback and bug tracking such as Bugzilla.

Most people have never been hacked, and many might never have hacking issues, but it's still a good idea to prevent it before it happens.

That’s because SP3 was released more than two years ago, and Microsoft has released hundreds of updates since then.

As a result, if you’re upgrading to SP3, you should expect to have dozens of additional patches to install after the initial upgrade is complete, in order to bring your system up to date with the latest security fixes (yes, even if you had already installed these updates and otherwise kept up to date under SP2).

There will be no official Service Pack 4 for Windows XP - so why don't we try to figure out how to make an all inclusive Windows XP installation ISO?

=== The first question I'll ask before making any future motherboard purchase is: can Windows XP be installed on it?