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Error creating updating the odbc dsn

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If this is the case, write an Query that selects all columns in the table except for those which are auto-incremented.

I'm using an ODBC connection successfully with Qlik Sense Desktop.

In this tip, we cover how to create a 32-bit DSN on 64-bit machine.

For SQL authentication, specify the SQL login name and password.

Instead, they will write any values that a user changes into the Windows registry for the current user.

The SQL option Disable _0 override parsing is used to override the default behavior for the SAS ODBC Driver.

Please help, any suggestions or comments will be greatly accepted. In other words the connection string [to the ODBC source] is ok (since tested on other server), but it makes reference to a source that is not configured on this particular server.

To remedy the problem, open the ODBC Data Source Administrator (typically one of the shortcuts in the "Administrative" tools menu), and check if indeed you have a source (typically a "System DSN") with the same name found in the connection string.

To open the 32-bit ODBC administrator on a 32-bit Windows operating system: In the Windows Control Panel, open Administrative Tools category.

Step 3Select the SQL Server Native Client 10.0 from the list and click on the Finish button.

Step 4Specify the data source name, description and the SQL Server instance name.

I finally resolved the issue due to a response from fr0mi on VBForums.

fr0mi's answer on VBForums I am running Windows 7 64 Bit system and thus downloaded all the ODBC Connectors for the 64 Bit system.